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e〓nd of the yea●r, which me◆ans it could be ●10 times faster ◆than that of the ●4G

network, s■aid Vodafone.The● low latency net●work will be fund○amental for some ke◆y technologie●s such as autonom●ous drivin■g, telemed●icine and vi●rtual reali■ty in the futur◆e.The 5G data p●ackages an

d smart○phones are no●w availabl○e on the website● of Vodafone E

span〓a and will be avai○lable at i●ts outlets on ●Monday. Ho〓wever, staff fr●om a Vodafo●ne outlet ○in Madrid s○aid that the〓re were alre●ady many custom■ers

consulting ●them about 5G ■plans, an i◆ndication of grea●t interest ●in the brand-●new services.Vod◆afone has thus bec●ome the first oper〓ator to make

ries wit

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